The Claims Process

The Ins and Outs

The following is a rough outline of what will happen when Wayne Belt General Contractor handles your storm damage:

1. You notice missing shingles, gravel in your gutters, water spots in your house, or all your neighbors getting new roofs. Give us a call!

2. We'll come out and inspect your roof using drone and A.I. technology. If we believe you have damage, we will draw up a contract and have you call your insurance company to file a claim.

3. We'll meet your insurance adjuster at your house to go over the  damage together.  By that time we'll have already generated an estimate complete with photos and codes requirements.

4. Once we've agreed on the  scope of the work with the insurance company, they will write you an initial check. Generally this check is made out to the homeowner, the mortgage company, and Wayne Belt General Contractor. We will take care of all the paperwork and deposit the  check.

5. Next comes the fun part! We will work with your schedule to ensure your new roof, gutters, downspouts, interior work, and any other collateral damage repairs are finished in timely manner. There will be many moments when everything looks TERRIBLE and like it will NEVER come back together. That's normal! We promise! The key is that we're here for the long haul!

6. Your insurance company will issue anywhere from 1 to 3 more checks and perform a final inspection. We deposit those checks and issue you a Certificate of Completion. At that point, once the work is finished and you are satisfied, you will write us a check for your deductible, which will be the only money out of your pocket.

7. Our work has a one year warranty. We've been in Murfreesboro for 40 years, so if you need us, just call! 

(This is how Allison imagines herself)

(This is how Allison imagines herself)